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2002 Kawasaki EX 250 F Ninja Right Rear Shock

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2002 Kawasaki EX 250 F Ninja Right Rear Shock

The Right Rear Shock mounts between the Frame and the Swingarm on the right side (as you are sitting on the bike). The Condition of this part is Used.

A used shock will be straight, clean, and will not leak. Mounting points will be intact and undamaged. Adjustment screws and rings will be undamaged and fully functional. Handling marks and paint imperfections are considered normal wear.

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May 4, 2016 at 4:18 am

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Secrets to Communicating With Your Ex

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Sometimes it feels like Ex-boyfriend communication is like walking a tightrope. If you go too fast you’re going to fall, but if you go too slow you’ll get the same result. Staying in touch with your ex after a break up is almost inevitable these days, whether through email, text-message, or just a plain old fashion phone call. If you’re not looking for anything other than friendship, things will be easy for you. But if you’re trying to get back together with your ex? You’ll need to arm yourself with all the knowledge you possibly can. Making mistakes here can drive him away from you, possibly for good.When communicating with someone you once dated, the following things should be kept in mind:Emailing Your Ex – In today’s world this is one of the most common and viable options for you to keep in touch with someone you once went out with. The best thing about email is that used correctly it can be very non-intrusive: your ex will get your message and have plenty of time to think about his response. There’s no pressure for him to say or do anything because you’re not putting him on the spot, so emailed responses you receive from your ex boyfriend will genuinely be more honest and from the heart. Limit your emails though, and if you’re trying for reconciliation don’t press too hard.Sending your Ex Boyfriend Text Messages – Another increasingly common way of staying in contact with an ex, text-messaging has it’s ups and downs. On the good side it’s a quick, immediate, instant way to stay connected to someone. But these real-time conversations with your ex can have drawbacks too, and one of the worst of these is the possibility for miscommunication. Just like email, text-messaging cannot convey mood or vocal inflections. As you carry out a text-based discussion, certain things can be misconstrued. Is your ex mad? Upset? Annoyed at you? It’s hard to tell, because you can’t hear his voice. Keep things short and sweet whenever you text your ex. And since text-messaging can often be time consuming, you should save any longer conversations for a phone call.Writing Notes for Your Ex – In trying to get back an ex boyfriend, you’ll probably find the need to write a lot of your feelings down. This is okay, but you may not want to send him everything. Bombarding your ex with notes or letters professing your love is almost always a bad move, especially right after you break up. Save some of these letters just for yourself… you might find that just writing them is cathartic enough. If you must send your ex a note or card, keep it short and sweet. Write it, sleep on it, and read it again in the morning before sending it off. This gives you a second perspective – sometimes what you’re trying to say at 2am might sound a lot different when you read it the next day.Calling Your Ex Boyfriend – The ex-boyfriend phone call is the ultimate form of contact (short of actually seeing him). In trying to win back your ex, it’s important to know what you’re going to say beforehand so you don’t stumble or end up a loss for words. Any call made to your ex boyfriend should be extremely short and to the point – getting off the phone when he might still want to talk to you is key. Why? Because it leaves him wanting more, and it makes for an excuse to talk again. The right phone call can get your ex thinking about you again… the wrong one can make him annoyed. Your goal is to make your ex miss you again, so he desires more contact between you. There are a number of ways to accomplish this correctly, but an equal number of ways to mess up while calling too.

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