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Accutane and Proactive Solution- Acne Cures That Really Work

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Acne cures that work are hard to find and that is a problenm, especially since acne can be a serious skin disorder not just a few pimples. that can be unsightly and embarrassing to the individuals it afflicts.Two of the best acne cures that work are on the market and include a drug called isotretinoin, also known as “Accutane”, and the other, a system in three parts called Proactive Solution.Accutane is one of the well known acne cures that work although it is a drug that has many serious side effects so it is prescribed for only those with serious cases of acne.This acne cures that work begins to rid one of severe acne in a permanent manner after only one application.Accutane is the best acne treatment to hit the market in well over twenty years and is highly thought of as one of the acne cares that works.It falls into the category of drugs by the name of retinoids and as a rule one course of treatment must be taken to cure acne for a period of five months.This treatment has been shown to help the great majority of acne sufferers (approximately 85 percent).Occasionally patients require more than one course of the drug in order for it to cure their acne however most do not.The Proactive Solution is another of the acne cures that workThis is not as high-risk and as far as acne cures go, Proactive can help people who have mild to serious cases of acne.Combining all three parts of the Proactive Solution’s system together can help cure acne in a timely fashion.It is a topical solution that is applied directly to the affected areas of skin.The system includes Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Lotion.The items need to all be used in concert to do their job correctly and treat your acne the way you want.


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