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The Best Shooters of 2012 – 2013

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Borderlands 2Trying to pick the best out of a list of best Xbox 360 shooters really is hard. I mean pretty much every area is covered; realistic, sci-fi heck there is even one where you have to shoot dinosaurs. One game that I must admit took me by surprise and became one of my most played games on the system was Borderlands. So you could imagine just how excited that I was when Borderlands 2 was announced.What I loved about the first Borderlands game was how it took first person shooters which is one of my favorite genres, and sprinkled it with a bunch of role playing game elements. It was like two of my favorite genres had been thrown together. I was sceptical that it would work, but I was pleasantly surprised by the great end result.Borderlands 2 looks to build upon everything that was in the first game. The look of the game is very similar with its awesome cell shaded graphics making a return. I was so glad to see this, as the overall presentation of Borderlands was a breath of fresh air in the shooter genre. The character building elements are going to be expanded also which is even more great news.The best news I have heard about Borderlands 2, and one that may make it the best of the best Xbox 360 shooters is that the enemy AI has been given a good working over. The AI will now work a lot smarter, and really make you think before you go in all guns blazing.If you missed out on the first Borderlands you really must give this a try. Borderlands is a great game and if you are a fan of first person shooters I am sure you will love Borderlands 2.Halo 4Master Chief is back!When it comes to icons on the Xbox 360 there is one guy that probably comes to most gamers’ minds, and that guy is John-117 better know as Master Chief. Halo really kicked the Xbox off when it was first released, and each release has been met with great excitement from the fans. Halo 3 was a fitting end to that part of the Halo story, and Halo 4 is going to be the start of something new.Halo Reach for many is considered one of the best Xbox 360 shooters, but it was also the last time that Bungie would have control of the Halo franchise. Halo 4 has been developed by the good people at 343 industries. These guys also gave us the Halo anniversary remake, and while it was just a remake they did a fantastic job.Halo is the prefect blend of offering a fanatic’s shooter experience, but it also gives you a great sci-fi story. Playing Halo is like you are involved in your own sci-fi movie. Very little has been given away as far as the story goes. We have seen that Master Chief will be going up against a new foe, and also that Cortana is going to have a very interesting part to play.One really exciting thing about Halo 4 is that the story of this game is going to encourage the player to really get into the levels and explore. It is going to be very cool to discover some of the secrets of this Forerunner planet. One thing that is going to really go in this games favor is that the story has been written with two sequels already in mind.Halo has always offered a very solid shooter experience, and this game looks no different. There are some gamers who are perhaps a little worried that Bungie is no longer running things, but 343 industries did a great job with the Halo anniversary, and the footage shown at E3 really does look like these guys know what they are doing.This may very well be the last time we get to play as Master Chief this generation of consoles, but so far Halo 4 is looking like it could be one of the best games of the year.Medal of Honor: War FighterPrepare for war!It is crazy to think that this will be the 14th game in the Medal of Honor franchise. When it was rebooted in 2010 many saw it as a great return to form for the long running franchise, So it was with much excitement that War Fighter was received.Medal of Honor: War Fighter is a direct sequel to 2010’s reboot. It will follow on from events in the first game. You are still controlling Tier 1 operators through various missions. There are a great variety of different missions for you, and they will all be connected with a single story line. Many of the guys from the first game such as Preacher, Voodoo and Mother will be making a welcome return.One thing that has gotten players really pumped up for this sequel is that the multi player is going to be powered by the Frostbite 2 engine. This is the same engine that powers Battlefield 3 which is considered one of the best Xbox 360 shooters out there. Multi player in this game is going to be fantastic. Even if you are not into the single player campaign Medal of Honor: War Fighter’s multiplayer is sure to blow you away.One very interesting thing is that along side the standard PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, there is also going to be a version for the PlayStation Vita and the new Nintendo Wii U.In all the reboot of Medal of Honor was great fun, and with this sequel they look like they are trying to improve on every aspect of the first game. If you loved the first game you will really want to give this a try. If you are one of the gamers that the Medal of Honor series lost over the years, there has never been a better time to give it another chance.Call of Duty Black Ops 2One of the things that has made the Call of Duty series one of the best Xbox 360 shooter series is the versatility. Many people may think that versatility and Call of Duty do not go hand in hand, but I am talking about how they are set in World War 2, Cold War and so on. The different settings bring some diversity and fresh air. The basic formula is the same but why fix it if it ain’t broke. What makes Black Ops 2 so exciting is the fact that this is the first Call of Duty game to be set in the future. Now we’re talking!The story of the Black Ops series is an interesting one, set in three time periods, the 70’s to the 80’s and then the future of 2025. In the future a new Cold War has broken out. This time, however, it is between China and the US. The story does sound like a great deal of effort and time has been put into it so even from a single player point of view Black Ops 2 is going to be a lot of fun.Of course one of the reasons so many gamers rush out to buy a new Call of Duty game is because of the multi player. You could argue that in a list of best Xbox 360 shooters, the Call of Duty franchise would be on top for the best multi player game list. On a different note, Treyarch has revealed that the much loved Zombies mode from the first Black Ops game will be making a welcome return.In all, Black Ops 2 is another Call of Duty mark of excellence. If you love the series then there is no doubt you will love this. If you’ve been disappointed by the Call of Duty formula and saturation of games, Blacks Ops 2 will surely win you over. It’s evident that this Call of Duty release has had the most effort put into it. Out of all the Call of Duty games, Black Ops II will be one for the books.


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August 5, 2013 at 4:13 pm

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