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Assimilate the Newbies!

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If it were up to me, the first three years of a new Believer’s Christian life
would be spent completely excluded from corporate Church life,
assigning them, instead, to some sort of school for solid training in the
Doctrine of Christ away from any manmade, traditional or demonically-
inspired religious influences. I sometimes wonder if THAT is the REAL
reason why God is leading so many Christians AWAY from traditional
forms of Christianity in the West; a sort of purification process.
Perhaps He can work better with wet clay. Too many Christians are
simply drying up, dying on the vine as it were. Just a thought.In my make-believe Discipleship model, there would be complete
Scripture saturation and thorough study of early Church practices
of the first 300 years as well as a study of the flourishing third world
Church, the persecuted Church of today. Also, there would be a
study of the martyrs, a study of the magazine “Voice of the Martyrs,”
and a study of Simson’s “Houses that Change the World.”Today, with so many Christians expressing and acting upon their
desire to return to early New Testament Church practices, there’s one
early Church rite that many would do well to embrace: Exorcism.I know…sounds a little weird to most of us.According to the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society,
March 2004 by Clinton E. Arnold, “Chrysostom, Theodore of
Mopsuestia, Ambrose, Cyprian, Augustine, and other early
Church fathers all attest to this practice. It certainly cannot be
described as a practice isolated to the Roman church…A
corollary to this practice was a time of renunciation of Satan
and deliverance during the actual baptismal ceremony. As the
new Christians were baptized, they were also instructed to make
a verbal renunciation of Satan: “And a deacon shall take the oil
of exorcism and stand at the left hand of the presbyter . . . And
when the presbyter grasps each one of those who will receive
baptism, let him command him to renounce, saying, “I renounce
you, Satan, with all your service and all your works.” And when
he has renounced all these, let him anoint him with the oil of
exorcism, saying, “Let every spirit be cast far from you”
(Apostolic Tradition 21.8-1O).””Immediately following this exorcism and renunciation of Satan,
the person being baptized would confess their allegiance to Christ…
The early church sets for us a challenging example on how to train
new believers and help them grow in Christ during the first three
years of their walk with the Lord. It is my hope that evangelical
churches would invest more time, thought, prayer, planning, and
resources into a healthy assimilation of new believers.”From Encyclopædia Britannica: “In the first two centuries of the
Christian era, the power of exorcism was considered a special gift
that might be bestowed on anyone, lay or cleric. About AD 250,
however, there appeared a special class of the lower clergy, called
exorcists, to whom was entrusted this special function. About the
same time, exorcism became one of the ceremonies preparatory to
baptism, and it has remained a part of the Roman Catholic baptismal
service…”To clarify, every new Believer was afforded the opportunity to
receive healing from traumas, sexual sins, generational curses, and
close off any doors that Satan could use to continue to torment
their lives AFTER their conversion experience. This would allow
them to walk freely, victoriously, above their past circumstances,
despite their tainted pasts. No wonder they changed the ancient
world. The healing that was provided at Calvary was to include
the healing of their mind, will and emotions; the soul as well as
the body. As Argentinean evangelist, Carlos Annocandia, says,
“In the United States, you get people forgiven but you don’t get
them free.”THE TRUTH AND OTHER STUFF WE SHOULD KNOWWhen Isaiah 53:5 tells us that He was bruised for our iniquities and
wounded for our transgressions, perhaps that means that His
bruises – a wound under the surface of the flesh – were meant to
heal that which was never directed against us personally. For example
, a Christian may be struggling with anger or alcoholism; perhaps
infidelity or some other sexual sin runs through a family’s genealogy.
As I minister and counsel people, so often I have found that there
was somebody up-line who carried the same burden as their ancestor
to whom I am now ministering. Recently, as our team ministered to a
man, the Lord gave me a vision of an American Indian witch doctor
who seemed to get angrier the more we prayed and ministered.
Strange, yes, but I’ve had stranger visions. When I offered up the
vision for the team’s consideration, the man who came for ministry
stated that he was of American Indian descent! Was a demon spirit,
willfully invited into the family’s lineage ages ago, now feeling
threatened? He’d better be.When we read that Jesus was “wounded for our transgressions,”
would that imply that Jesus took that awful scourging upon His
flesh in exchange for the sins committed against us personally? In
other words, was He wounded to provide for the healing of the
transgressions by others against US – not those things done BY us,
as one might think, even though a person might “manifest” in a
sinful manner as a result of the “sins of the fathers”? His sacrificial
death upon the cross in exchange for our own is what paid the price
for our personal sins. By His stripes we were healed. By His death we
were saved. The Law of sin and death was made null and void by His
own death.The remainder of that verse, of course, reads, “… the chastisement
[needful to obtain] peace and well-being FOR US was upon Him,
and with the stripes [that wounded] Him we are healed and made
whole.” (Emphasis mine.)Made whole? How can any Christian be considered “whole” if his
life is a mess? Sure, he may be saved but, far too often, he remains
in bondage. When we KNOW the truth, that truth will set us free
(Jn 8:32). Multitudes of Christians do not KNOW the truth – the
fact that they can be set free from the chains that have them bound
and truly live a new life in Christ. Sadly, most merely settle for
church attendance at best. Not finding help there, they’re leaving
at the rate of 53,000 weekly in the West.Argentina is currently undergoing the longest revival in world history,
over 17 years. Carlos Annacondia, is an integral part of this revival and is
one who DOES actively pursue deliverance from demons for new
converts. Bad habits, addictions, poor choices, traumas, sexual sin…all
these things are dealt with in order for new Believers to walk freely and
victoriously. According to Annacondia, “In the United States, only 6%
of people who come forward for salvation remain in the Church, much
less are leading a committed Christian life. In Argentina, the per centage
is 85-90%, even after 5 years have passed.” The fact that most Christians
in America have no staying power whatsoever is obvious by so many
other dismal statistics pertaining to the American Church. These same
statistics are admitted to by the ministries of Billy Graham and Luis Palau.
Even Charles Finney (1792-1875), was disheartened when he realized that
so many of the tens of thousands who converted through his ministry
bore no long-lasting spiritual fruit.Feel free to READ THAT PARAGRAPH AGAIN and process it.PRAYERS THAT AVAILETH MUCHThere is a wonderful list of “Warfare Prayers” that I have used in the past
(I was thrilled to find them, once again, online). You can read them, pray
them and utilize them in ministry at
[http://home.mchsi.com/~ftio/warfare-prayers.htm]Remember, say these aloud and say them often. Why? Because when we resist
the devil, he will flee (James 4:7). The word “resist” is actually a wrestling term.
Can you recall ever having seen two men wrestling when one man threw the
other to the ground and the fallen man simply stayed on the floor? NO! He got
up and went after his adversary again. Likewise, the devil will attack again and
again UNTIL he sees that we are SERIOUS about winning this battle. If he is
allowed back in, Jesus said he will return seven times stronger than he was
previously. Here’s what Jesus said in Matthew 12:43-45: “When an evil spirit
comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find
it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the
house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes with
it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there.
And the final condition of that man is worse than the first…”Once the house is “swept clean,” I’ve found that an individual MUST be filled
with the Holy Spirit or an evil spirit will find him easy prey. Don’t be afraid; this
is not a Pentecostal or Charismatic thing – it’s a BIBLE thing, important enough
for God that He kicked-off His Church with it in the Upper Room. Though we
are all endued with the Spirit of God, the Giver of Life itself, even Jesus said,
“The Spirit of the Lord is UPON Me.” We, too, will receive POWER when the
Holy Spirit comes UPON us. It’s the difference between drinking a glass of
water and falling in the ocean. Do you want that power? Our own will power
is no match for a demon bent on a mission of destruction. WARNING: If you
ask for it, your Christian life will change in the MOST dramatic fashion. Consider
the cost.Remember, the battle is for your mind. This is why we are admonished to
“cast down all vain imaginations” and “take every thought captive.” This is
why we are taught to “think about things that are true, noble, right, pure,
lovely and admirable.” Once an evil thought is entertained long enough, it
becomes a stronghold and that Strong Man must be dealt with. At times, people
need help with this. I’m often asked if it’s really possible that Christians can be
attacked in this way. Friends, every person I’ve ever ministered to who exhibited
a demonic manifestation…strange voices, fowl odors, flailing about, inability to
speak…was a professing Christian.You figure it out.FINALLY, MY BRETHREN…Years ago, a friend of mine, Robert Prince, a Baptist preacher, had a radio show.
One day, he decided he was tired of reading about the things that the Bible says
we Christians are “supposed” to be doing…healing the sick, for example. So, he
announced on his show that he would be praying for anyone who wanted God
to heal them. Interestingly, he said, every call he received was from people who
feared they had a demon. His wife, Dorothea, wisely reminded him that “if it’s
Jesus who heals the sick, it’s Jesus who casts out the demons.” Though they
were nearly killed on their first attempt, with some training and a willing heart,
they went on to produce many trained ministers of deliverance, myself included.
this Baptist preacher went on to raise up and train several teams of deliverance
ministers in our Charismatic (Bapti-costal) Church in the 90’s. People – not all from
our congregation – were placing their names on a clipboard in the church office
as if we were running a kind of clinic. The results were glorious!For many who are reading this now, the words resonate within you as being
true. I used to be the poster child for soul-winning in the traditional evangelical
sense. I could get “decisions for Christ” in any neighborhood at any time. The
Lord used many instances in my own life to show me the fruitlessness of my
finest efforts. He showed me the glaring absence of “sinner’s prayers” and
:decisions for Christ” throughout Scripture. He showed me the example of Jesus
and Paul and others and how there are no recorded examples of winning souls
the way we see it modeled today.So, I quit. I prefer being a Living Epistle whose life causes others to pursue God
and, under His conviction, become sorry enough to repent. I see that often. It’s
real and the fruit is long-lasting.Let’s assimilate the newbies. For starters, let’s assimilate the Oldies, for many
“mature” saints are still struggling with their secret bondages as well. In the
Simple Church/House Church movement, we often talk about how people who
join these swelling ranks straight from an Institutional Church often require
detoxing. Something tells me that what they have is nothing that a little
exorcism wouldn’t take care of.Resist the devil.He will flee.Every blessing,Michael TummilloA servant of Godhttp://www.YourTown4Jesus.com


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