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Simple Steps to Make Money Online

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The Internet is a draw to a lot of people looking to make money online. Unfortunately, their dreams are quickly shattered when they realize there really is no “push button” system that is “plug and play”. When they realize they have no idea how the Internet works or how you make money online.Unfortunately for most, they walk away having spent hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars on programs and training “guaranteed to work” without any results.So what happened? What went wrong? Why didn’t it work?The main reason is likely a lack of branding. If you aren’t working to build your list and get YOUR name known online then you are likely wasting your time and your hard earned money.What went wrong?Many things I’m sure… however, there are some common factors to consider.
Do you know how to market online?
Do you know how to advertise online?
Do you know how to drive traffic to your website?
Do you even have a website (other than an affiliate program?)Now, don’t get me wrong, affiliate programs can and will be very lucrative for you when used properly. There really is a right way and a wrong way to build affiliate programs.Hint: A person is more likely to buy from you if they get to know, like and trust you!So, is it possible to make money online?Yes, it is absolutely, without a doubt possible for everyone to make money online. Here are, what I believe to be, the keys to making money online. These strategies are how I make money online.YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAMEYou can promote the most effective affiliate program on the planet and you can even make money if you promote it correctly, however when you include your own branded website, a website that is about you, you will see your results increase dramatically and you will make money online.Your own domain name should be just that… your name. Your first and last name to be exact.ADDING WORDPRESSWhen you install a WordPress Blog on your website, it is very easy to change themes (templates) to better represent your personality. It’s also important to add graphics and banners to your website. You will want to include links to your main business, your Virtual Office as well, you want to include information about who you are – your “story”.COLLECTING SUBSCRIBERSWith WordPress, it is simple to add a Form to collect subscribers to your auto-responder. Building your list is the prime objective of building your own Website. You can offer a free report (there are many Private Label Rights products available online), offer an informative e-mails series or offer a relevant newsletter. The purpose of your list is to build confidence in your reader as they get to “Know, Like and Trust” you. As they get to know, like and trust you, they will be more likely to buy from you… repeatedly.POSTING ARTICLES AND CONTENTYour website needs content! Content that your visitors will be interested in reading. What will you post on your blog? Well, I recommend you post articles of interest that connect to what you do for a business. Example, if you are a member of GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities, then you can write articles about the different tools that are available to you for your low monthly fee. If you represent a traditional MLM/Network Marketing company, such as Shaklee or any other product oriented company, you can write short articles about the products that YOU use and your experience with them. If you have your own company and offer your own products and services then you will want to write articles that are relevant to your products and services. Example, if you own an Aroma Therapy shop and want to attract customers, you may consider writing articles about the benefits of different aromas.ADDING VIDEO INCREASES RESPONSEAs hard as this may be for some and, trust me… I understand this, it’s time you face the fact that Video is here to stay and if you want to be see and get response, then you need to start adding video to your website. There are many simple ways to add video to your website. I recommend a short 30 second to 2 minute video. Your video is really there to simply outline what your visitor is reading on your site (your blog post).GETTING TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITEThere are many ways to get traffic to your website. Writing and submitting articles is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your website. You can utilize Social Networks such as Facebook and MySpace. Twitter is also a great place to get targeted traffic to your site. We also use the services of online Traffic Exchanges, List Builders and Funded Proposals to attract targeted visitors to our websites. The key to traffic is consistent and persistent marketing.When you create your own brand and learn to drive traffic to your site, you begin to create a self perpetuating machine that generates an endless supply of fresh targeted leads.


Written by hintonfran6

August 3, 2013 at 9:06 am

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