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Writing to Persuade – 10 Ways to Improve Your Persuasive Writing and Speaking Skills!

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A key in writing to persuade in any venture is building a good rapport with key contacts. No matter what venture you are embarking upon, whether it be professional, artistic, musical or otherwise it is important to build a basis for a relationship. Negotiations are not very successful between people which no basis was set before hand.1)Find common ground.Here is the importance of knowing other people. If you truly want someone to open up and connect with you, you must find a common ground between you and them. Try finding out something about them that is similar to your interest and use it a good conversation starter.2)Compliments are your best friend.It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, its always a plus to hear someone compliment you on something. Use this to help open a dialog and build the so called “brownie points” When writing to persuade, this is very important.3)Emit cheerful vibes.People will respond best to you if they sense a joyful and positive outlook. No one wants to work around negativity.Some other writing and speaking tips include the following:4)Mimic the other person’s tone.Another point when you’re writing to persuade people is that it is easier to make people open up if you speak or write similar to them hinting that you may have a common background or education as them. Also doing this will help give the impression that you have good self confidence.5)Use their body language.While speaking with the other person, use body language similar to theirs. If they use hand motions or shift a certain way, mimic it in a slightly similar fashion. Now, of course when you’re writing to persuade, you’ll not be able to use this strategy, but it’s good when speaking with someone.6)Speak the same speed as them.It is important to try and speak close to the same speed as them. Speaking fast to a slow speaker may cause them to lift their defenses and likewise for a faster speaker. Speak slow to them and they may look down on you as if your unintelligent.7)Repeat what is said.Repeating and either agreeing or disagreeing will show the other person that you understand what is being said and give them a response at the same time.8)Talk as if you were old friends.This may take some skill writing to persuade or just speaking to persuade but if you can get the other person to fall into the same mind frame you will find that building the rapport is much easier.9)Mimic their breathing.This is another thing that rests on the importance of reading people. If you can do this accurately it will create a connection between you.10)Listen to what they are saying.Listening to the person speaking or knowing what they are like when you’re writing to persuade are more important than speaking as it will provide the information you need and will help to build a better rapport. And also, doing this will help boost your own self confidence when it is time for you to put in your opinion.


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August 2, 2013 at 4:12 pm

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