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Key Eyewear Issues

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Maybe at one time or other you saved up for a long while to buy a pair of shades you admired on someone else. If so, you may have found that eyewear, branded or otherwise, can be one of the costliest accessories that you can gift yourself, and thus you needn’t be told the importance of keeping this purchase in tip top shape so that you can flaunt your purchase for years.Fact is, most eye accessories are delicate products that require regular care. Below are some useful tips to help with just that, to teach you about cleaning and storing your eyeglasses, and if needed, doing minor repair work on them as well.1. Cleaning Your Eyeglasses- When you wear eyeglasses regularly, lots of dust particles and dirt are deposited on them, which ultimately may ruin some parts of the glass, and also lowers the vision capacity. You can undo this damage by cleaning your glasses daily. All you need is a warm soap solution and a soft cloth to wipe out all stains of dirt from your eyewear.- Most people clean their glasses when they’re dry, and this can ruin your glasses because this activity can leave permanent marks on them. The marks not only look bad, but also damage the glass. You can either wet your glasses with the solution that comes with your glasses; but some glasses don’t include the special solution, plain water will do just fine.- If you feel that eyeglass cleaning solutions are the best for your glasses, buy them from any major eyewear store. They are available as liquid, wipes and complete kits; you can buy one according to your requirement. Moreover, these will make your job easier.- Eyeglasses tend to lose their beauty if the lens loses their shine, and that’s why it’s important to keep your glasses squeaky clean and shiny at all times. Water might not serve this purpose, so you can use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean your glasses. Remember to use only a small quantity.- Tissue, cloth or soft towels are the most common materials people use to clean their glasses. This cleans your glasses but at the same time leaves behind stains. The best cleaner you can give your eyeglass is the special cleaning cloth which will keep your glasses in perfect shape.2. Caring for Your EyewearThere are certain techniques you must adopt to clean and store your eyewear. Wrong cleaning and storing methods are sure to reduce their life.- Never clean your eyewear or suspend them by their ear rails. Always hold both ear rails, when cleaning or taking off your glasses this way you’ll be able to maintain their shape.- When you take off your glasses for the day, always make sure your lens face upwards, and the ear rails are properly folded. The lens shouldn’t come in contact with any hard material that can scratch the lens.- It’s extremely important to store your glasses in the proper way. Never keep them open, use eyeglass pouches and boxes to store your glasses. If you take them off for a short time, prop them up on holders. Also keep them in easily accessible places, not precarious corners where they can fall and break.Lastly, to ensure maximum protection from every kind of damage, line the box with a soft cotton cloth before you keep your glasses in them. Take care of them.


Written by hintonfran6

July 28, 2013 at 10:59 pm

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