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Small Business PBX Systems Offer Feature-Rich Communication

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A phone system is always a must in a business firm to facilitate proper communication between customers and business representatives, or among the staffs themselves. In a business firm, apart from communication, certain other facilities are required in the phone system. Auto attendant, multiple extensions, call forwarding, call waiting, call holding, speaker phone, speed dial, and faxing facility are some of them. Call routing feature is needed in business firms where employees work outside the main office. A small business PBX system is one such phone system which offers feature-rich communication.In a small business firm where capital investment is limited and the number of employees is less than a hundred, a PBX phone system is an appropriate choice. PBX or Private Branch Exchange provides communication between the internal telephones of a business firm. It can also connect these internal phone lines to the public telephone network through trunk lines. The PBX performs 4 duties mainly, such as providing connection between 2 phone sets, maintaining connection as long as users require, disconnecting connections as per requirement and providing information about calls such as metering calls for accounting purposes.Other than these basic functions, there are many capabilities and calling features provided by various manufacturers. These include auto attendant, auto dialing, automatic call distributor, automated directory services, automatic ring back, call forwarding, call accounting, call pickup, call park, call transfer, call waiting, conference call, camp-on, customized abbreviated dialing or speed dialing, custom greetings, direct inward dialing, busy override, Direct Inward System Access (DISA), music on hold, interactive voice response, night service, welcome message, voicemail, voice message broadcast, and voice paging. In a PBX system, unnecessary long distance calls by staffs can be avoided using toll restriction. Auto fax detection facility available in a PBX system avoids the need for a separate fax line, and saves money by redirecting faxes automatically.Hosted PBX system offers PBX function over internet and Public Service Telephone Network. All these features which are beneficial for a business firm are obtained at cost effective rates which a small business firm can afford.


Written by hintonfran6

July 25, 2013 at 5:48 pm

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