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Be Careful When Playing Hard to Get

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Do you think playing hard to get is a good way to get a man? Do you know that there is a delicate balance when playing hard to get? How can you be sure not to go too far? Learning how to use this technique takes a little forethought and a little practice. If you would like to know some hints on playing hard to get, follow along.Playing hard to get is effective, but if taken too far, a man will decide the woman is not worth the trouble and will move on to someone a little more accommodating. The clue is to be just distant enough to draw a man to you, but not so withdrawn as to seem unapproachable. Make it obvious to a guy that you are interested by glancing in his direction and making eye contact and this will bring his attention over to you.Once you’ve met and have exchanged phone numbers, you must wait for him to make the first call. Although he’s given you his number, it’s important to let him make the first move. Men thrive on being the one in charge – you don’t want to take that manly thing away from him.Now is the time that you must be careful when playing hard to get. You want to be fashionably unavailable but not to the extent that it appears that you have no interest in getting together with your guy. Accept his arrangements for a first date, but don’t change plans if you are already committed to another engagement. Offer up an alternate time so that he knows that you want to see him, and that you definitely don’t want to lose the chance of a date with him. The point is not to be readily available any time he may call; this will only diminish your value and his interest.In the beginning, keep your dates easy and casual. Have fun and keep the topics of conversation light-hearted. Be yourself and let him enjoy a stimulating conversation with an intelligent woman; however, stay away from a few key subjects. Don’t talk about marriage in any context; this makes a man very uncomfortable. There will be times in the distant future when you can approach this subject. Also, don’t fess up all of your life history. He doesn’t need to know about all of your past relationships or those embarrassing family secrets.Playing hard to get is enticing for both parties if you can remember not to take it too far. Keep him intrigued by only opening up a little at a time which will make him want to keep coming back for more. Stay involved in other activities so that you are not always available whenever he may call; he’ll have to put forth some effort to see you and you will be able to see how interested he really is.


Written by hintonfran6

July 25, 2013 at 10:05 pm

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