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Guide to Fashionable Belts for Men

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A professor once said to his students that a man without a belt is like a woman without a bra. It is true! A belt is a clothing accessory that adds more detail to an outfit while at the same time offering comfort and function. Fashion designers say that a good matching belt has a vast ability to affect a man’s overall appearance. This article will teach you how to match and how to wear a belt in men’s fashion.To begin with, if you are a man contemplating to make some additions to your wardrobe then a nice new belt should be at the top of your list above sunglasses, new shoes, or a classic wristwatch. There is however, no guarantee that an expensive belt will match. A few things should be considered when matching a belt to an outfit and if done correctly, a belt will add a sophisticated and proportionate detail to an ensemble.If poorly selected, a belt has the ability to mess up your physique. Thus, be sure to consider these factors before taking a belt up to the register. Begin by checking out the belt’s tag to get an idea of sizing. Consider buying a belt bigger than your waist size. If your waist is 40 inches for example then make sure you buy a belt measuring 44 to 52 inches. Ideally a belt is 3-5 inches longer than your waist. If you think that you will add some inches to your waistline in the near future then add some extra length to the belt you are buying. Although, a better investment might be a gym membership.Next up is the color. Most important is the shoe color when matching a belt. You do not want colors to clash and you want to avoid walking around with too many different colors on an outfit. As a general rule: The shoe and belt color must match – especially in formal occasions. Since most dress shoes are black in color, a black leather belt should be the first one you buy followed by a brown belt. Next, think about the width of the belt. Most dress pants have belt loops that fit belts between 1 to 1.5 inches. Anything bigger will simply not fit.Finally is the material and the price. There is no need to spend a hundred or more dollars on a dress belt. Nice genuine leather belts are available for less than $50. Belts costing in excess of $100 are pointless unless you get pleasure out of wearing certain designer brands or want a belt with a belt buckle made from 18 carat gold, platinum or sterling silver. The upper price limit of a belt is endless! At the same time avoid cheap belts made from a man-made material. Faux leather belts will fall apart, fade, and break.

Written by hintonfran6

July 22, 2013 at 8:11 pm

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