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Digital Harinezumi 3 – Special Edition – Hedgehog 3 – Pink Box Set

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  • shoots retro looking photos + video w/ 10 color variations, 3 frame rates, digital zoom
  • Improved menu operation – faster switch back between the menu and recording status, Preview mode is automatic
  • 3.5x Digital Zoom – forcibly zoom in digitally, allows for extremely rough images
  • Smoky function – creates a soft focus for a foggy/dreamy effect
  • Over Exposure function – control between normal, over, and extreme over

The third incarnation of the popular Digital Harinezumi is here! The 3.0 model inherits the best features of it’s predecessors, and now also boasts 3 new functions, improved menu operation, and a new luminous finish. Like the previous versions, this Harinezumi allows you to take retro, lo-fi looking photos like those taken with old film or broken cameras, or unique vintage looking videos reminscent of Super8 films, with the convenience of digital connectivity. The DH comes equipped with 10 different camera modes, from high contrast, monochrome, vivid, washed out, etc. to allow you to explore different moods and effects, while the 3cm super close-up feature captures the world up close and personally. In video mode, the DH gives you the choice to shoot in 3 different frame rates. Get creative with Super8-like shots, 8 frame/sec and 1 frame/sec stop motion like shots all readily available at the press of a button. With the 3.0 model, they’ve added the Over Expose function that allows you to control the light exposure for purposely blown out images, or high contrast effects. The 3.5x digital zoom function is also added for extreme grain and rough edges, while the Smoky function creates a soft focus effect for surreal, dreamy snapshots. Important: Due to current airline restrictions,does not include CR2 Battery. Recommended. , Read More..


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July 22, 2013 at 8:14 pm

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