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Astraweb Vs UsenetServer Vs Giganews – A Quick Comparison

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As you might know Usenet is a very vast system which is globally connected through different news servers and provides discussions and groups and the opportunity to share thoughts, data, files and other digital material. More than hundred thousand groups and millions of users from all around the world participate to keep this system running, vital and healthy.Participating in Usenet can be fun and a good way to download and exchange files. There is only one small problem, typically your ISP will not give you free Usenet access so if you are interested in participating in Usenet then you will need to have to pay for Usenet access provided by a Usenet service provider.Three of the most talked about Usenet service providers today would be Giganews, Astraweb and UsenetServer. Next logical step, would be to choose which is best for your situation and to do that, you would need information on what each provider offers and you would need to figure out what is important to you.Is it retention, ease of use or would it be price? First to get the provider information you should do a quick search for usenet reviews and the provider name. Typically this step will get you started with your fact finding. After you have collected some initial data on Usenet provider, now its time to make a decision.First, if you know anything about Usenet then you will know that typically the most important factor in choosing a Usenet provider would be binary retention. That is, how long does the Usenet service provider retain the data for.This number is constantly changing however presently Giganews is leading the pack with a 540 plus day retention. Very close on their heels however is Astraweb typically they lag 9 days behind Giganews. Then in third we have Usenetserver. Giganews has always pushed the outer limits of the market with binary retention increases and new software packages.Second, after retention, typically what most people look at would be price. Most economically priced on this list would be UsenetServer at $10 a month. Then Astraweb comes in a dollar more expensive at $11 a month. Then from there would be Giganews and their diamond plan which starts out at $15 for the first month.The third criteria that most people look for after binary retention and price would be overall feature set. This is where Giganews is coming on strong as of late. Recently, Giganews has been offering Usenet service bundled with a VPN service called VyprVPN. VPN’s or virtual private networks offer an additional level of privacy and security beyond which SSL can give you. Astraweb and Usenetserver on the other hand are pretty standard in that presently they just offer regular Usenet service – this probably account for them having a much lower price however.In conclusion, when choosing a Usenet service be sure to look at binary retention, pricing and overall feature set and make your decision. Fortunately, we don’t think you will go wrong with any of our top recommendations on our website but be sure to think about what you need – good price, good retention or good additional features and then make your choice.


Written by hintonfran6

July 22, 2013 at 12:05 pm

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